Yiwu is a city in the centre of Zhejiang Province, there are 1 million people living here.
Yiwu is famous in China as a commodities center. People from all over the world come to Yiwu to buy commodities for resale to other parts of China or abroad. Yiwu, as a Small-Commodity Market of China, has topped to be one of 100 top open markets in China for 6 consecutive years and the civilized open market for successive years. It has been named as the banner of Chinese market economy. Because the commodities in Yiwu are of a large variety of quality but cheaper price, the market has become a shopping paradise for tourists.
Yiwu has a stadium of Olympic quality and a large Christian Church. Many events associated with trade take place in Yiwu City. Yiwu also has a sizable Korean and Middle Eastern population, mostly working in the import and export businesses. Yiwu is also known as the "sock town" as it produces over three billion pairs of socks for Wal-Mart, Pringle and Disney annually. Yiwu is also known as No.1 producer of faddish jewelry in China.
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